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An Inconvenient Truth

AL GORE: She came up to me afterward and said, "This has to be made into a movie." And I thought that was a bad idea, if not a crazy idea. I did not see how in the world a slideshow could become a movie.


LISA COLEMAN: I lived in his house on and off for a couple of years. We had a fight one day. He said something about me getting my own apartment, and I left the house and drove around for a while. When I got back, he had written me a whole song. It was so cute. The lyric was, "I guess I have a strange way of saying I love you." He had recorded it — drums, piano, guitar, bass and vocals with harmonies.

Comedy Cellar

Jon Stewart: I will always be grateful that Estee let me work there when I sucked. When you are running a business that is not the greatest choice to make. "That guy's not so good, let's put him on every night." Other clubs didn't really give a fuck about comedy or performing, but the Cellar did. The Cellar wanted you to get good. And the only way to get good was to suck. To fail. To eat it.

The O.C.: Season 2 finale

SCHWARTZ: The fight was more violent than what we had done in previous episodes. You needed to feel like anything could happen — Trey could kill Ryan, Ryan could kill Trey. Ben [McKenzie] and Logan [Marshall-Green] both wanted to push it, as well. Obviously Marissa is the one who steps in, but if you didn't feel like this time the stakes had been raised, I don't think it would've worked. But it was always Marissa pulling the trigger, and it was always "Hide and Seek."


Julie Larson: I love "Will I?" Jon's closest childhood friend was HIV-positive and he started going to this AIDS support group, Friends in Deed, to support him. At one meeting this gentleman said, "I'm not afraid of dying, but will I lose my dignity?" That's where that song came from.

Star Trek

Gene Roddenberry
Leonard Nimoy was the one actor I definitely had in mind—we had worked together previously. I was struck at the time with his high Slavic cheekbones and interesting face, and I said to myself, "If I ever do this science fiction thing, he would make a great alien. And with those cheekbones some sort of pointed ear might go well." To cast Mr. Spock I made a phone call to Leonard and he came in. That was it.

Leonard Nimoy (actor, "Mr. Spock")

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Modern Street Style

SCHUMAN: I relate it to the sports world. Of all the people outside the shows over the years, only a few of them have made money and done it consistently. But they love fashion. Before, when it did feel very insular, they'd have had no reason to go talk to Anna Dello Russo. Now they can pick up a camera and go talk to their hero. ADR is the Michael Jordan to these young fashion people. The downside is, it's so easy to share images now that there are just so many bad images out there.

Bob's Burgers

BOUCHARD My understanding is that Kevin Kline's kids were fans of Eugene [Mirman, who voices Gene] and they would go see him live in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and even Kevin Kline was dragged out to more than one of those shows. Our casting director was chummy with his management, so we were able to work it from two sides.

'Taxi Driver'

SCHRADER During preproduction, I headed uptown, just talking to people on the street, looking for the great white pimp, and in the middle of it all I ended up at a working girl's bar and struck up this conversation with this girl [Garth Avery] who was kind of strung out and very, very thin. Very close to this character that I wrote. I asked her to come back to the hotel — we were staying at the St. Regis because it was cheap — and told her I'd pay her, but it was not about sex. Around 7 o'clock in the morning, I slipped a note under Marty's door that said, "I'm going downstairs to have breakfast with Iris. You must join us." We watched her pour sugar on top of her jam, the way she talked, and a lot of that is in the diner scene in the movie.

Sublime’s Last Show

Rick Bonde: The president of MCA Records met with me about a month later. I was in his office, and he told me that he was not going to release their record. He said, "I'm done, Rick, I can't do this. I've spent half a million dollars on Brad's rehab, and now we don't have a band to tour behind it, I'm just gonna shelve it, it's not going to work, it's never going to be successful." I was like, "I'm not leaving until you promise to put out this record." I wouldn't let up on him. And like, 20 minutes later, he was finally like, "Okay, I'll try it. I'll put it out and see what happens." And now… how many millions of records later?


Patton Oswalt: In the two seasons I was there, there were some pretty brilliant sketches that would get through, despite the network fumbling it. I always said it was interesting how over at Mr. Show they had complete freedom and probably the best writers and minds in comedy and yet, every now and then, despite all of that, something shitty or hacky would get through. Whereas, over at MADtv, every now and then something really brilliant and subversive and avant-garde would get through.

1971 NFL draft

Joe Theismann, Notre Dame: I remember that day like it was yesterday, I remember anticipating that I would be a higher round draft pick and I sat in [Notre Dame SID] Roger Valdiserri's office and waited to hear. The first round went by and O.K., I understood when I saw those guys go 1-2-3. Then I figured maybe somebody would take me in the second round, and the second round goes by. Then the third round is going by, and about mid-way through the third round I got up and said, look, if somebody calls me, I'm going down to play basketball, just come get me. I just got up and left his office and went downstairs and starting playing basketball.

‘Sudden Death’

JIM "MORT" MCVAY [PENGUINS GOALIE]: We had call times of 10 or 11 at night, and go until 7or 8 in the morning. We had regular jobs, but it was so much fun to stay up all night, drink Coke and coffee, and then go to work. We'd play four or five hours a night. No one ever gets four hours on the ice. It was just such a unique thing to be one of the hockey players.

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