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Tropic Thunder's Les Grossman

Hader: Tom Cruise didn't know who I was and was trying to figure it out. I said, "Seth Rogen's a friend of mine and he said he went to your house." I did a Seth Rogen impersonation for two seconds, like "Tom Cruise is amazing! We rode motorcycles in his backyard!" And it was like I did a magic trick. Tom Cruise started clapping and going crazy and he went, "You do impressions and you're on Saturday Night Live." Meaning, I was briefed and I now know who you are.


BOYETT: There were two basic elements that we felt were important: One was to give every show some moment of real human connection. That's what Tom and I called it; today they call it heart. The second thing was, we tried to fulfill the fantasy where a dad would sit on the sofa and say, "What's the problem, son? Let's talk." We never avoided that scene. In fact, because it was born with Tom Miller, the writers referred to it as "Miller Time."

The League

Jackie Schaffer: Sometimes when we're writing, we feel guilty about the idea of going out. Because if we're going out, then we're not writing, not working. But we remind ourselves that we have to go out into the world and see people. Because people are inherently terrible, and from there comes your stories. Jeff and I know that there are some people who, if we go out with them, they'll behave badly. And, of course, sometimes those people are us.


CHRISTOPHER DICKEY (James Dickey's oldest child and the author of the memoir Summer of Deliverance): He first got the idea beneath the cliffs of Positano [in Italy] in the spring of 1962. He would watch in envy as a couple of proto-hippies would free-climb the cliffs there. A young literary agent named Theron Raines sent him a letter asking whether he thought he could write a novel drawing on the setting and imagery of his prize-winning poem "Springer Mountain," and he started turning over in his head the basic narrative.

Basquiat’s ‘Beat Bop'

Rammellzee: I don't really do music. I never ever really did music. I build tanks, I design letters to fly, I was building my dolls, building my masks. I now have 21 different masks, and I go on tour with Death Comet Crew and go on tour by myself. But I mostly do paintings.

Panic! at the Disco’s ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’

Urie: We weren't old enough to play shows. If we attended, we'd be kicked out by 9 p.m. because you couldn't be on the strip past 10 p.m. if you were under 18. It was a struggle finding venues to play in and bands to play with. It was kind of pointless, so we just spent most of our time writing songs. We explained that to Pete and he said, "Yeah that's awesome. That's exactly what you need to be doing -- writing songs and trying to perfect the craft, instead of playing shows to get people to notice."

Vince Carter's Syndey Olympics dunk over Frederic Weis

Alonzo Mourning, 2000 USA Olympic team center: That was like the first year where we noticed the competition just didn't fear us anymore. We got the best out of every last one of those teams. The first two Dream Teams -- in 1992 and 1996 -- they blew everybody away. But our year was the toughest year because [opposing teams] were ready. I remember all of the challenges we faced.

Brett Favre

Detmer: One of our first blitz meetings, we would go in early Wednesday morning and the QBs would meet with the O-line coach, the RBs coach and the QB coach and go over teams' blitzes for that week and what our adjustments were. The O-line coach would be on the board, he'd say, "In the nickel, they like this blitz." Brett kinda leaned over to me and says, "What does nickel mean?"


Pat Fallon (founding partner): [Tom McElligott] was a brash young copywriter whose work I admired, and I was a brash young account guy. He could sense that I had a relentlessness about me, and I could sense the same thing in him.

Brokeback Mountain

Gyllenhaal: That line ["I don't know how to quit you"] has moved, it has been mocked, it has been everything in between, but I remember coming out of that scene, off that ridge of the hill, and seeing a number of the crew, some of whom didn't even know what the movie was about, crying. When I first read that line, I was like, What is that? Now I realize that anybody who has loved knows what that feels like. The interesting part of casting us at such a young age was that we didn't completely understand what we were involved in, and that's the beauty of the movie as well.

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