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REM's ‘Losing My Religion’

STIPE: For the lyric, I knew I wanted to write an unrequited love song, like the Police's "Every Breath You Take." In writing the lyric, I wanted it to be unclear whether the relationship in the song was real or a figment of the protagonist's imagination. I created a character so shy and insecure that he questions every one of his moves and choices. He's yearning for love and acceptance.

Marshawn Lynch's injury-cart ride game

Jim Watson, field reporter, Fox Sports Net: We were at midfield, almost on the bear paw. And I remember this because he went around us like three times. I couldn't move because I was tethered to the camera, and I remember Longshore saying, "We're probably safer staying in place." Meanwhile, Lynch is, like, circling and scattering people. It was funny because the training staff was more afraid of him than anybody -- you know those 20 guys they have in khaki pants and golf shirts? He would go right at them and they'd all scatter. [Lynch] was looking up and screaming and yelling and jerking the wheel back and forth and stabbing at the brakes. It was pretty funny.

AOL FanHouse

Jamie Mottram: The idea was a direct response to Jim asking for a network of college — this is strangely specific, I don't know if it was exactly what he was asking for, but this is how it came down the corporate ladder — AOL wants to launch a network of college football team sites. Because AOL Sports at the time was just a general sports site. It wasn't like it had a network of NFL sites or a network of baseball sites, so this was a new thing. A network of college football team sites. Okay, so, how would we do that? And in response to that coming down the ladder to me, I came up with the idea for, it wasn't called FanHouse at the time, but it was a college football blog network.

Kobe Bryant's 81-point game

Mike James, Raptors guard, 2005-06: I remember in the third quarter, Kobe had about 50 points at this point, and I asked coach Sam Mitchell, "Let me guard him." He told me, "I don't want you to guard him because I don't want you to get in foul trouble." I couldn't believe that was the thing we were thinking about in that moment. He couldn't miss from anywhere on the court, so I was just trying to figure out a strategy on how to stop him. It seemed like everyone else on my team was just as amazed as the fans watching the game.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Maguire: It was going to be an indie movie, really, but when Hugh Grant agreed to play Daniel Cleaver and Colin Firth agreed to play Mr. Darcy, it became a much more commercial prospect. Helen had based the characters in the book on both of them. Colin was on BBC's "Pride and Prejudice," and she was obsessed with him, as were most of the females in the nation.


LEITCH: First big hit was when we had the pictures of Kyle Orton clearly drunk at a party. A reader sent them over, and back then there was none of that faux outrage or concern trolling that is so common now on the Internet. It was like, hey, here's a funny picture! The only people then that cared weren't the athletes but the people who handle the athletes and had money at stake with their reputations. Nobody thought I was a smut peddler or I was out to get anybody. There was an innocent silliness to it.

Necessary Roughness

Harley Jane Kozak -- Dr. Suzanne Carter (Professor of Journalism at Texas State)

Mindy said she was going to talk me into it. She said, "I'll take you out Saturday night. I have tickets, front row center for Phantom of the Opera." Well, I was the only person in the world that hadn't seen Phantom of the Opera. Halfway thru the first act I thought, I'm going to die... I can't even describe to you how much I hated this play. At intermission I said, "Mindy, if you let me go home right now and not come back for the second act, I'll do the movie." And she said, "Done." And that's how I ended up doing the movie.

Chris Stapleton’s ‘Traveller’

Robby Turner (pedal steel guitar): It was very relaxed, very creative. There was never pressure on anybody. It was so unlike the studio. When you do a day rate, by the hour, people always watch the clock. This was a very relaxed atmosphere, very creative. It was just a perfect vibe for recording.

Super Bowl XLIX

Wilfork: When they made that catch and I went on the field, I looked at all my guys and we were still in sync, and right then and there I said, "We're not losing this game." I had the confidence before I took the field, but when I took the field and was with my guys on that field, I knew we were not losing the game.

2/26: How Two Llamas And A Dress Gave Us The Internet's Greatest Day - BuzzFeed News

Stephen Watkins, news helicopter pilot: The station called us at about 1 p.m. and I remember they were like, "We've got some possible horses or llamas loose in Sun City." We're like, "OK." It usually tends to be some lame mini–petting zoo or something that turns out to be nothing — a knee-jerk reaction because somebody went on social media. But as soon as we pulled up, all of a sudden I see a llama running right down the middle of a big highway, and we're like, "OH MAN."

Frasier's 'Ski Lodge' Episode

Stuart: I felt like I was walking into a Beatles recording session. They just sort of had this sheen of the well-to-do because they were so successful and had won so many awards. We sat down to read and I had all the words written out phonetically so I didn't ruin something with a mispronunciation. The moment I was like, "'Ello. I am Guy. … I hope you are ready to ski tomorrow. I'm going to work you very hard," Kelsey looked over at me with a big grin and he said, "That's good. That's good." He's like Orson Welles anyway, so with that kind of approval, I felt like I could do no wrong. Suddenly we were all screaming with laughter.

The Golden Girls

Jeffrey Duteil: The show had a huge gay following—and right away, too. I remember getting ready on Saturday nights. We'd go meet friends at the bars or whatever, and while we were getting ready, we'd watch The Golden Girls. A lot of the gay bars back then, even Revolver, would tape the episode and then show it on the screen. A lot of them had viewing parties—even Golden Girls cocktails. And this was back in the first season.

Pokemon Red And Green

Masuda: "As you know, the founder of Game Freak is Mr. [Satoshi] Tajiri, so when Mr. Tajiri talked to me about the idea he had… At that time, you could connect Game Boys with a cable, and you could play — and battle by playing in, for example, Tetris. But for this one, he had an idea of trading monsters. When I heard about that idea, I thought it was an interesting, fantastic idea. However, you then have to realize it, and make it into a game. The concept itself was very interesting, so you could expand and see how you could develop it into one game."

First Presidential Campaign Websites

Mr. Kubasko: At that point if you didn't have a website you were old and antiquated and Bob Dole didn't need to seem any more antiquated than he was. But was there a plan? Nooo! Literally it was, "we need to have a website,and it needs to be better than Bill Clinton's." That was steps one and two. Step three was, maybe collect data. I wish we were more visionary about that.

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